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Profile of SowerGroup
Sower Company founded in 2001, which is committed to research, development and manufacturing of paint equipment of the early. Investing heavily in R&D, Sower has successfully patented a variety of inventions. What's more, with the development and the expansion of business these years, Sower group provides for fine chemical industry, with proper equipment, thorough technical solutions and other services which include: Design of the fine chemical equipment Manufacture of the fine chemical equipment Customization of the non-standard fine chemical equipment Complete fine chemical equipment production lines EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) With the continuous efforts, Sower has been able to fulfill the demand in various industries such as paint, ink & dye, adhesive, resin, lubricant, pesticide, chemical additives, electronic chemicals and flavors & fragrances







Marketing center and r&d center in Shanghai
As Sower headquarters, marketing center to undertake domestic and international business, technology research and development center for enterprise technology research and development work. For more than 80 countries and regions of the customer provides the single machine, chemical industry equipment and production line, whole plant turnkey services. In sower domestic and overseas project construction, the international and domestic partners play an important role in investment activities. Sower technology research and development center dedicated to dispersion equipment, wet grinding equipment, high shear emulsifying and emulsion pump, mixing equipment, filling and packing equipment,。




Shanghai Sower Project Center
Baoshan project center is in charge of all factories belong to Sower, which can provide single machine, complete unit, production line, EPC service of new plant for fine chemical industry. It is a strong support to Sower group for undertaking big projects.









Sower chemical design center
At present domestic first by the equipment manufacturer, for the development of chemical industry project general contractor (EPC) services for engineering and design company. The company is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. With chemical engineering design qualification, pressure vessel design qualification, mechanical and electrical equipment installation qualification. Complete sets of equipment based on more than 10 years of operating experience, professional of type selection and optimization of process design and the key equipment, sower can effectively save the cost for the customer, and avoid risk. Sower chemical design institute has all kinds of professional certified engineers, to provide engineering services. Focus on investment in 30 million to 50 million fine chemical, pharmaceutical and light industry projects, provide to engineering design and EPC general contracting engineering services.






Asian production base
Sower Asian manufacturing base with a registered capital of 40 million yuan, total investment of nearly 200 million yuan, the total land area 300000 square meters, is the strong manufacturing platform sower group. With pressure vessel manufacturing qualification. All kinds of modern machinery processing equipment. For sower undertake EPC general contracting projects at home and abroad, as well as single machine and complete sets of equipment sales activities to provide strong support.









Filling equipment production base
Sower filling machine production base for paint, resin, paint, ink, adhesives, lubricants, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, medicine, detergent and washing powder, flavors, cosmetics, food and other industries to provide comprehensive filling equipment and technical support. Sower filling machine production base headquarters has mechanical processing workshop, assembling workshop, sheet metal welding workshop, plastic workshop. Main production equipment has automatic welding equipment, laser cutting equipment, CNC punch, CNC bending machine, coating equipment, etc. At present has been formed in the base paint filling equipment, liquid filling equipment, filling equipment, food filling equipment, solid filling equipment, semi-automatic filling equipment, automatic filling equipment, chemical equipment and a series of products, as always for the majority of new and old customers with more advanced products, better service.